Analysis of the TechGirlz Program

Download the Full Report The CompTIA Spark Impact Study among alumni helps the group gain a better understanding how the TechGirlz program may have influenced their education or career choices. The child who attended the TechGirlz programs was asked to take the survey. The quantitative study consisted of an online survey fielded to TechGirlz alumni from the past 5 years during July-August 2023. A total of 177 respondents participated in the survey.

The great majority of participants going through the CompTIA Spark TechGirlz program benefit in some way. For instance, more than 3 in 4 students note that the TechGirlz workshops are effective overall in increasing their knowledge of or interest in tech. This includes nearly a third who rate it very effective (32%).

See full report PDF for details.

Almost 3 out of 4 middle and high school students responding to this study are in schools that offer tech/digital literacy classes. A little over half of these middle and high school students report they are currently taking a technology or digital skills class (55%). Most indicate that tech classes are classified as electives. There is a difference by grade level – tech classes are electives more in high school (70%) versus middle school (40%). Whereas these classes are more of a requirement at the middle school level.

A career in some facet of technology is something more than three-quarters of TechGirlz participants are considering or may consider in the future (78% net). 8 in 10 TechGirlz participants have been encouraged to pursue a career in technology.