Sparking an interest in tech to build skills — and confidence — for life

CompTIA Spark unlocks people’s potential through technology. It finds new ways to make tech exciting, accessible and inclusive through the power of its innovative programs.

A cornerstone of this work is a dynamic new program for middle school students. By focusing on youth and fostering connections between their personal interests and the real-world skills they need in today’s tech-driven world, young people are better equipped to succeed. Igniting this “spark” opens their eyes — and their world — to new possibilities.

Through a wide range of CompTIA Spark content and curriculum, students can gain the tech fluency needed to thrive in today’s digital world. Middle schoolers of all backgrounds can explore fun and engaging CompTIA Spark content — from coding, AI and cybersecurity to mobile app development, podcasting, graphic design and more.

Delivered through an innovative online learning hub that provides fun, hands-on learning to individual students or entire classrooms, CompTIA Spark aims to make high-quality tech education accessible for students of all backgrounds.

Teachers, parents, caregivers and other champions (at school or at home) will also find valuable information to help them better understand and enjoy technology, connect with the curriculum, and find many ways to support middle school students on their journeys.

CompTIA Spark supports a range of additional programs that change lives through access to tech training and education, including apprenticeships, skill-building opportunities, and other enterprises.

CompTIA Spark was founded by and operates as the social innovation and impact arm of the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the world’s largest IT industry association and a leading provider of certifications for technical professionals. CompTIA Spark’s ongoing work is supported by CompTIA as well as a host of other leading companies and technology brands through direct funding, program support, community outreach and volunteerism.

Creating IT Futures Foundation, Inc. – DBA CompTIA Spark – is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.