Our Leadership

  • MJ Shoer

    MJ Shoer is the CEO of CompTIA Spark. As CEO, he leads a dynamic team focused on bringing innovative learning opportunities to middle-schoolers, helping young people to gain the confidence and skills to succeed in today’s tech-connected world. With over 30 years of experience in IT — including 25 as a managed service provider and CompTIA member — Shoer understands that tech is vital for all businesses, and inspiring future generations to pursue exciting, rewarding careers in the field is critical to our economic prosperity and security. 

    Shoer is also chief community officer at CompTIA, overseeing the global community team bringing members together in regional communities around the world collaborating to raise the impact of the tech industry and its members. 

    MJ Shoer

    CEO, CompTIA Spark

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  • Randi Parker

    Randi Parker is vice president and chief of staff at CompTIA Spark. In this role, Parker oversees the creation and implementation of the CompTIA Spark curriculum for middle school grades, as well as development and fundraising efforts. She also manages the CompTIA Spark board of advisors. 

    Leveraging her expertise on workforce policy, Parker is a thought leader on ways to bring tech education to all, expand the tech workforce pipeline and tap into talent that is otherwise overlooked or left behind. She also previously served on the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Communications Equity and Diversity Council’s Diversity and Equity Working Group. 

    Randi Parker

    Chief of Staff and Vice President

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  • Andrea Cutter

    Andrea Cutter is vice president, marketing at CompTIA Spark. Highly skilled in reaching diverse audiences, Cutter brings over a decade of specialized experience to her role. She leads on all aspects of integrated marketing strategy and execution for CompTIA Spark and its programs, including its tech curriculum for middle school grades and its TechGirlz workshops, inspiring young people of all backgrounds to explore the possibilities in tech. 

    Previously vice president of marketing for CompTIA, Cutter directed efforts for member audiences to increase the awareness and effectiveness of CompTIA initiatives to advance industries and careers that rely on technology. 

    Andrea Cutter

    Vice President, Marketing

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  • Gwen Britton

    Gwen Britton is vice president, external relations at CompTIA Spark. She manages the organization’s TechGirlz program, offering free workshops for girls in grades 5-8 to inspire them to explore the possibilities in technology. 

    Britton’s 25+ years dedicated to STEM blend academia and industry, with her roles spanning software engineering, data analysis, web development, and more. She is a change-maker committed to inclusivity in the STEM community and has been deeply involved in K-12 outreach, including the launch of virtual learning ventures and engaging tech competitions and events for youth.  

    Gwen Britton

    Vice President, External Relations

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