Programs that unlock young people’s potential in technology by focusing on middle school

Our innovative in-school and out-of-school programs make high-quality tech education available to more middle school students. We help spark an interest in tech, build skills for life and unlock life-changing opportunities.


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CompTIA Spark curriculum

Bringing engaging, high-quality technology education to more middle school classrooms

Give your middle school students the confidence and skills they need to succeed in today’s tech-driven world. Designed for middle grades, our curriculum is inspired by real-world work and the latest technology concepts. Backed by industry, it is available free of charge for educators and requires no previous tech experience to teach.


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TechGirlz workshops 

Helping create a future where girls and women are equal participants in the digital world

Powered by CompTIA Spark, TechGirlz workshops provide hands-on learning opportunities for girls in grades 5 to 8. By solving real-world challenges, participants build confidence and open their minds to new possibilities. With the support of partners in communities across the country, we’re empowering more girls to become tomorrow’s tech leaders.


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Other CompTIA programs powering tech careers

CompTIA provides training solutions for adults looking to begin or advance their careers in tech as well as opportunities for professionals to connect with industry peers around the world.

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As a trusted provider of training for millions of technology workers around the word, CompTIA helps people get the tech careers they deserve with industry-leading certifications, courses and expert knowledge.


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CompTIA Community members are businesses that provide technology solutions and IT services. Representing professionals around the world, the CompTIA Community is a shared industry voice.


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Press Releases

Middle school girls can explore the possibilities of technology at TechGirlz summer workshops and camps, powered by CompTIA Spark

Interactive “TechShopz” help girls build skills for future success

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. – Girls in middle school can explore the possibilities of technology and build skills for their future careers this summer during TechGirlz workshops and camps powered by CompTIA Spark, the social impact arm of CompTIA.

TechGirlz helps middle school girls develop a passion for technology through hands-on, interactive “TechShopz.” Girls can explore a variety of topics to spark their interest in the world of technology including entrepreneurship, engineering, and cybersecurity.  

“TechGirlz offers fun and engaging learning experiences to help middle school girls unlock their potential in technology,” said Danica Pascavage, Senior Manager, Partner Success, for TechGirlz. “The summer workshops and camps can help build their confidence to try new things and turn their own ideas into real opportunities.”

Upcoming workshops include Intro to Encryption – How to Protect Your Information, an opportunity for girls to learn how information is protected online; Introduction to JavaScript, where girls will learn the basic concepts of JavaScript and how to create their own JavaScript program; Lights, Camera Action: Storytelling and Video Production, which shows girls the techniques to communicate stories through video; Podcasting, where girls can discover software to create their own personal podcast; and Engineering and Roller Coasters, an opportunity for girls to think like an engineer to design their own roller coaster.

Summer camps include the Entrepreneurship Mini Camp, where girls will create their own business plan and prototype; IDEAShop Arduino Programming Camp, where girls can build a robot using a microcontroller; Comcast’s Cool Down Cyber Camp!, a virtual two-day event where girls can learn video game creation and design; and Camp Inspire & STEM: Gaming and Virtual Reality, a five-day event where girls can code their own virtual spaces and explore them through Oculus VR headsets.

Workshops are open to girls, and those who identify as girls, in 5th through 8th grades. Many workshops are free. To register for a TechGirlz workshop, click here. To register for a TechGirlz camp, click here.

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