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CompTIA Spark curriculum

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Give your middle school students the confidence and skills they need to succeed in today’s tech-driven world. Designed for middle grades, our curriculum is inspired by real-world work and the latest technology concepts. Backed by industry, it is available free of charge for educators and requires no previous tech experience to teach.


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TechGirlz workshops 

Helping create a future where girls and women are equal participants in the digital world

Powered by CompTIA Spark, TechGirlz workshops provide hands-on learning opportunities for girls in grades 5 to 8. By solving real-world challenges, participants build confidence and open their minds to new possibilities. With the support of partners in communities across the country, we’re empowering more girls to become tomorrow’s tech leaders.


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10 Strategies for Nurturing Digital Fluency in the Classroom

By CompTIA Spark

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the ability to navigate technology fluently isn’t just a convenience—it’s a necessity. As we prepare students for the future, fostering digital fluency in the classroom becomes essential.

Middle school marks a critical developmental stage where students are eager to explore and learn, making it the ideal time to instill essential tech skills they can carry throughout their academic lives and into their careers. With the right strategies and tools, you can empower your students to become confident and competent digital citizens.

Here are some practical (and fun!) approaches for educators like you to effectively promote digital fluency in your classroom and curriculum:

1. Integrate Technology Across All Subjects

Demonstrate technology’s relevance and versatility by seamlessly incorporating it into various subjects. This could look like:

●       Using interactive simulations and virtual labs for science experiments

●       Applying digital storytelling tools for language arts assignments

●       Implementing coding activities to reinforce math concepts

2. Get Hands-On

Encourage project-based learning that requires students to research, collaborate and present using digital tools. Tasks like creating multimedia presentations, designing websites or producing podcasts not only enhance digital skills but also foster creativity and critical thinking in the classroom.

3. Explore Coding and Programming

Introduce coding and programming early in your curriculum to demystify technology and empower students to create. Platforms like Scratch or offer beginner-friendly resources and tutorials that make learning to code engaging and accessible for middle schoolers.

4. Explain Internet Literacy and Safety

Teach students how to navigate the vast resources of the internet responsibly and safely by exploring topics like:

●       Online Privacy

●       Cyberbullying

●       Evaluating the credibility of online resources

Use interactive scenarios and real-life examples to illustrate the potential risks and strategies for staying safe online.

5. Implement Digital Citizenship Education

Cultivate responsible digital citizens by emphasizing ethical behavior and respectful communication in digital spaces. Engage students in discussions about appropriate online conduct, the impact of digital footprints and the importance of online etiquette.

6. Make it a Game

Harness the power of gamification to make learning tech skills engaging and enjoyable. Platforms like Kahoot! or Quizziz allow teachers to create interactive quizzes and challenges that reinforce concepts while fostering friendly competition among students.

7. Have Students Team Up

Encourage collaboration and teamwork through technology-based group projects. Assign tasks that require students to work together using communication and project management tools such as Google Workspace or Microsoft Teams, simulating real-world collaborative environments.

8. Develop Digital Portfolios

Guide students in building digital portfolios to showcase their skills, accomplishments and growth over time. These portfolios can include multimedia projects, reflections and reports from various subjects, providing a comprehensive showcase of their digital fluency and academic progress.

9. Host Guest Speakers and Industry Experts

Invite guest speakers from the tech industry to share their insights and experiences with students. Exposure to real-world professionals can inspire students and provide valuable perspectives on the relevance and application of tech skills in different career paths.

10. Act as a Guide and Facilitator

As a teacher, embrace the role of a guide and facilitator rather than a sole provider of knowledge. Encourage student-led exploration and problem-solving, providing support and guidance as they navigate digital tools and technologies.

By implementing these strategies, educators can cultivate a generation of digitally fluent learners equipped with the skills and knowledge to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven world. Together, we can empower middle school students to embrace technology confidently and creatively, shaping them into the innovative leaders of tomorrow. 


Explore CompTIA Spark’s programs for more ways to spark a passion for digital fluency in the classroom that will propel your students toward tech success.