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Middle school girls explore future STEM careers through TechGirlz program

Idaho News (KBOI CBS) / BOISE, Idaho – (article excerpt) The nonprofit, Women Innovators, is giving middle school girls the chance to explore STEM through a program called TechGirlz. 

Eighteen workshops are available for the girls to choose from, ranging from health care and surgical techniques, to wind turbine design, to chemistry. One workshop leader, Erin Seymour, explained, "We're looking at acids and bases and how they change the color of red cabbage... acidic solutions will turn the cabbage pink, while a base solution will turn it green." 

The other workshops also had fun, interactive lessons to pique STEM based interests. One of the girls attending explained why she thought this program was so cool, "There's a bunch of hands-on stuff and I'm into that stuff... I think this is something every girl my age should at least try... try to learn something new, figure out more stuff you like and don't like." 

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