Championing Tech Educators: 5 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

By Kim Perry

Teacher Appreciation Week offers a special opportunity to celebrate educators and their profound contributions to shaping the minds (and futures) of our young learners. This week shines a spotlight on the dedication of all teachers, including the increasingly critical role of technology educators—those who inspire, challenge and prepare the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers in our rapidly evolving digital world.

The Pioneers of Digital Fluency

Technology educators stand at the forefront of innovation in teaching. They introduce students to the essential digital fluency skills needed to thrive in the 21st century, from coding and robotics to digital media and beyond.

Their lessons encourage students to think critically and solve problems creatively. Through their curriculum, students learn to approach the complexities of the digital world with curiosity and confidence.

This empowerment is crucial, as these young minds will be the ones to drive progress and address global challenges through technology and other STEM disciplines including science, engineering and mathematics.  

Building Bridges to Tomorrow

Technology educators also play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between diverse fields. They integrate elements of math and science, connect theory with practical application and highlight the interdisciplinary nature of the modern world.

They also promote inclusivity in tech by striving to make technology accessible and engaging for all students. By challenging the gender and socio-economic stereotypes often associated with STEM fields, they encourage a diverse range of students to envision themselves as future leaders in these areas.

Showing Appreciation

Celebrating the impact of these inspiring educators shouldn’t be confined to just one week of the year. Here are five ways we can show support beyond Teacher Appreciation Week:

  1. Support their projects: Many technology teachers fund projects out of their own pockets. Helping fund these projects or school tech clubs can make a tangible difference in their classrooms.
  1. Participate in their classes: Guest speakers, especially those from the tech industry, can enhance a tech educator’s lesson plan by offering students valuable insights and real-world connections to their studies.

  2. Advocate for funding: Technology education often requires up-to-date equipment and software. Advocating for increased school funding helps ensure that these teaching needs are met.

  3. Contribute to professional development: Supporting or funding continuing education programs for tech teachers helps them stay ahead of the rapidly evolving tech education landscape.
  1. Send a thank you note: A simple, heartfelt thank you note can go a long way in showing appreciation for a teacher’s hard work and dedication.

The Long-Lasting Impact

The ripple effects of a great technology educator can be monumental. Former students often attribute their successes in tech-driven fields to the spark ignited by an inspiring teacher. These educators not only prepare students for future careers but also help them become thoughtful, informed citizens in a tech-driven world.

As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, let’s also commit to supporting tech educators throughout the year. Their work isn’t just about teaching; it’s about envisioning and preparing for the future.
By fostering their growth and recognizing their contributions, we create a world where education and technology can solve our biggest challenges—making those who educate in technology true heroes of innovation and impact.

Kim Perry is director of partner success at CompTIA Spark and previously spent 10 years as a public-school teacher in Illinois.


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