The Cybersecurity Unit is an online, project-based learning curriculum designed by CompTIA Spark. This unit is designed to provide a high-level and engaging introduction to networking and cybersecurity concepts. Each lesson is a combination of short instructional videos, cybersecurity games/simulations, and class discussion. Each lesson also includes a worksheet that can be used for assessment.


  • Grade level: 5th-8th grade
  • Length: 5 lessons (85 minutes each)
  • Cost to implement: Free


  • Enough computers for at least 2:1 Student to computer ratio during class 
  • Internet connection strong enough to stream videos from multiple devices at the same time


By the end of this unit students will:

  • Learn how computers exchange data over networks.
  • Learn how networks are designed to ensure reliability and efficiency.
  • Learn how clients (computers) communicate with servers to load web resources (videos,
    pages, etc.).
  • Learn how servers can be vulnerable to attack and how these attacks have affected a
    number of real- world businesses.
  • Learn how web companies can ensure their infrastructure is able to withstand attacks