Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Unit is an online, project-based learning curriculum designed by CompTIA Spark. Each of the included lessons asks students to learn and actively apply digital skills to help them solve real-world problems.

Each of these lessons is connected by a shared theme: You are creating a chatbot to better serve the customers of your family’s pizzeria! This unit is designed with a unique structure of phases that both exposes students to a variety of technology, applications, and experiences to model the same path that artificial intelligence has taken over the last 50+ years.


  • Grade level: 5th-8th grade
  • Length: 10 -15  hours of class time
  • Cost to implement: Free


  • Enough computers for 1:1 ratio during class
  • Internet connection strong enough to stream videos from multiple devices at the same time
  • Access to the MyHub CompTIA Spark app.
  • Students accounts for Voiceflow and Canva.


By the end of this unit students will:

  • Learn how to use Voiceflow, Canva and other software to create an effective chatbot
  • Understand how computers understand and generate natural language
  • Demonstrate and identify interests in a tech or career pathway
  • Describe various biases and ethical issues that surround the creation and use of chatbots
  • Explore the role that AI will play in our society moving forward into the future
  • Have developed 21st century skills including collaboration, critical thinking, and persistence