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CompTIA Spark brand

We're absolutely delighted to have you as a partner in our mission at CompTIA Spark! 

Your contribution in representing our brand is invaluable and we're excited to see the impact we can make together. We encourage you to utilize our brand resources page as a valuable tool in our partnership. Thank you for sparking tech interest in youth!

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CompTIA Spark editorial notes

Key messaging phrases:

  • Sparking an interest in tech — and confidence for life.   
  • Our innovative programs make high-quality tech education available to more young people — sparking an interest in tech, building skills and unlocking life-changing opportunities.
  • CompTIA Spark offers fun and engaging learning experiences to help students in middle grades unlock their potential in technology.
  • CompTIA Spark is the social innovation and impact arm of CompTIA and offers a way for the tech industry and workforce to give back to future generations.


Legal language (to use where appropriate):

Creating IT Futures Foundation, Inc. — DBA CompTIA Spark — is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 


Additional guidelines:

  • Be sure to always say the full name “CompTIA Spark”.
  • Never shorten to just “Spark” in verbal and written communications.
  • Do not use the possessive form of CompTIA Spark. Always re-order the sentence to avoid. Never “CompTIA Spark’s programs” — instead use CompTIA Spark programs.


CompTIA Spark logo

The CompTIA Spark logo is a unique representation of our brand. It combines the iconic CompTIA emblem with the word 'Spark', signifying our drive to ignite in young people an interest in tech and confidence for life.
CompTIA Spark Logo


Download CompTIA Spark logo here:

CompTIA-Spark-Brand_logo usage

CompTIA Spark brand colors

Our primary brand color is spark blue which should be used as liberally as possible to achieve a consistent brand look. This is the only color in the palette that should be used in large blocks of color.

The spark orange is our call-to-action (CTA) color. The only acceptable use of this color, besides the spark symbol, is when highlighting a CTA (such as by circling it or “drawing” an orange arrow to highlight it).

CompTIA-Spark-Brand_color palette

Color values:

To expand the available colors for graphic design, while retaining consistency, some of our brand colors may be screened to specific percentages. These are the allowed tints. Note that spark orange and ink pen navy should never be screened.

CompTIA-Spark-Brand_colors screened

CompTIA Spark typography

CompTIA Spark utilizes Roboto, Roboto Slab and Better Times fonts as part of our brand, ensuring a cohesive and easily readable experience across all platforms. The Roboto and Roboto Slab are free and open-source fonts.
CompTIA-Spark-Brand_fonts_Roboto-Better times

TechGirlz, a program of CompTIA Spark

TechGirlz powered by CompTIA Spark:

The TechGirlz program operates under the umbrella of CompTIA Spark, and therefore, it's essential to represent the TechGirlz brand in alignment with the CompTIA Spark brand identity. The connection to the organization must be made clear in written text using the phrase powered by CompTIA Spark or similar wording such as TechGirlz workshops are a program of CompTIA Spark
  • TechGirlz must never stand alone without a CompTIA Spark identifier (whether in written text or in logo form).
  • Do not use a possessive form of TechGirlz. (Avoid TechGirlz’ or TechGirlz’s). Always re-order the sentence to avoid.



    "Powered by CompTIA Spark" logo

      Highlight your impactful partnership by incorporating the “powered by CompTIA Spark” logo into your communication materials.

      Powered by CompTIA Spark


      Download "Powered by CompTIA Spark" logo here:


      Other file formats are available upon request.



      Contact [email protected] for questions. Our team is happy to help!